Who We Are



ContiPay, your online payment gateway developed by Contitouch Technologies is a fast, easy and secure e-commerce payment gateway that provides seamless end-to-end payment processing by converging of an array of all available payment methods onto one platform.

We have taken the complexity out of the e-commerce payments process by linking all stakeholders in the electronic payments eco-system. We have a foolproof solution that supports EcoCashFCA, VISA, MasterCard and Nostro Transfers for FCA payments and all other local payments (ZIPIT, EcoCash, OneMoney, TeleCash, RTGS & Direct Deposit). ContiPay was specifically designed to insure a perfect online payment service that provides a robust, secure and easy to use environment that matches world class standards.

Above all, we insure that transactional cost is to the bare minimum. The Merchant back-end is easy to use and understand and it provides transparency as the Merchant is able to trace all transactions in real time.

Our system is synonymous with the following:

  • World class look and feel
  • Cheaper cost of sales than brick and mortar model
  • Can be integrated with most retailing systems
  • Automatic price and product updates
  • Specific Reports can be generated for relevant departments/functions
  • Customisable User access
  • One-stop-System – Order initiation to delivery is all handled within the system
  • Online Promotions
  • Creation of an Intelligent Customer Database
  • Local Dedicated 24/7 Support

Transacting Made Easy