Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How do I register Online?

Merchant needs to click on sign up and enter all the information required and then make use of link sent to your email and use it to verify account. After verification then Account is successfully created.

Q.How long does the registration process take?

The process takes about 3minutes to complete the registration process

Q.Does a Merchant need a ContiPay account?

In order to receive money Merchants must be registered on ContiPay. Please go to the signup page and complete the Registration form.

Q.Who Can Pay Me?

ContiPay accepts the following payment methods; you can opt to disable any payment method you do not wish to receive from:

Bank tarnsfers: ContiPay is currently accepting payments from various banks such as CBZ, FBC Bank, etc.

Visa / MasterCard: ContiPay is accepting 3D enabled cards to complete payments using foreign currency such as USD etc.

EcoCash RTGs: ContiPay is accepting payment from any registered Ecocash line.

EcoCash FCA: ContiPay is accepting payment from any registered Ecocash FCA card to complete payments using foreign currency such as USD.

OneMoney RTGS: ContiPay is accepting payment from any registered OneMoney line.

TeleCash RTGs: TeleCash registered customers can make payment on ContiPay.

Q.How and When Do I Receive My Money?

ContiPay will settle your transactions, less fees into any Zimbabwean bank account. You do not need a special merchant account and does not need to complete any forms with your bank, simply register your settle account details with ContiPay to start receiving payments. In the case of transfers, OneMoney, Telecash and Ecocash settlement is made the same day the payment is made or the funds clear escrow (minimum is 24 hours after delivery). For Visa / MasterCard funds will be settled next day. Settlement cut off time is 24hrs after payments processed which is also customized according to the Merchants.

Q.How Much Does It Cost?

ContiPay has zero signup fee or usage fee. The charges are done on every transaction processed. As the merchant you have the option to add the fee charged on top of the transaction amount, or to absorb the fees, or even apportioning the fees with the customer.